Project objectives

 The main objective of the work proposed in the framework of the DAMWAVE project is to implement a procedure for the assimilation of the satellite data associated with the wave modeling in the Black Sea. This will be accomplished and tested first for hindcast schemes at the level of the entire basin representing the generation scale. Subsequent computational levels corresponding to the transformation and to the local scales will be also considered. A further objective of the proposed work would be to implement an operational wave forecasting system with two computational levels. These are the generation area (the entire Black Sea basin) and the transformation area, which is represented by the Romanian coastal environment. For both computational levels the reliability of the wave predictions will be increased with DA procedures.


The detailed objectives of the project

1. Predictions of the wave climate in the Black Sea by conducting simulations with numerical wave models for a period of 10 years.

2. Comparison of numerical model data to the satellite observations for the 10-year period,  analysis of the systematic errors that occur in the wave predictions.

3. Implementation of a DA (Data Assimilation) scheme based on sequential or variational methods for hindcast simulations.

4. Validation of the results applying the DA methodology for hindcast.

5. Implementation of the operational wave predictions based on SWAN model , with two computational levels: generation area - the entire Black Sea basin, transformation area - the Romanian nearshore.

6. Developing of a DA methodology for the operational wave forecasting.

7. Assessment of other DA procedures.

8. Completing of a complex DA procedure that is associated to the wave prediction system in the Black Sea, focused on the Romanian coast.



Data Assimilation Methods for improving the WAVE predictions in the Romanian nearshore of the Black Sea


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